Monday, June 30, 2008

Ghost Stories

Filipinos are known to believe in ghosts, paranormal things, mysteries and other similar creepy stories that would make anyone’s hair stand. Neighbors said that before we moved in our house, the previous occupants died there. We blessed the house and somebody who has a third eye told us that there are ten elves living in our house. It didn’t bother us not until my father died.

In 2003, we invited my two cousins to spend their vacation here in Manila. Grace and Pong were about to sleep when they saw a white lady floating on air going downstairs. The lady passed my brother who was sleeping on the floor.

My frequent visitor is a man. Sometimes I could see him without a face in front of the mirror. Sometimes he is standing beside me on the sofa where I am sleeping. I also could hear his footsteps going to the comfort room. And the most unforgettable experience where I got really scared was when he tapped my back while I was doing my assignment in our computer. I was almost fall down and got really scared since I was alone in our living room. Last Wednesday night while making coffee, I saw him going downstairs.

My mom’s friend Ate Lucy also has a story to tell. She saw a man in a white barong went to the comfort room. She waited for him to come out so she could also use the CR. But minutes passed, the man was still there. Due to urgency, she asked mom who was the man. She was shocked to find out that no one inside the CR.

Even Rodel experienced unusual things in our house. The first thing he saw was a lighted candle floating on air. He also saw the man, the one who always visits me, looking on us while we were sleeping at the living room. The other week, while praying our novena, he saw this person in black hood, like the dress of Grim or a Nun and people who are member of a cult, looking at us.

Actually, I already saw this “Grim” last March 21, 2008. It was Good Friday. I was waiting for Rodel to come home. I can’t sleep that night then suddenly I saw Grim looking at me. I felt scary but I close my eyes and said a prayer. Then he disappeared.

Yesterday was our usual Sunday. Everything was fine and in order. While preparing our dinner, Rodel asked me if I moved our altar because I cleaned the room early morning. I said no. He called me upstairs to see that the image was already facing the wall. I didn’t even touch the image of Sto. Nino when I cleaned the room. No one came inside our room except Rodel and me. Before we sleep last night, we lighted one candle for their souls.

We don’t know what is their purpose of their appearance. We noticed that every time they appear, we received money --- a payment of something, bonus, etc…hehehhe! We sometime said that the next time they will appear, we hope that they will tell us the lucky numbers of lotto.

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