Monday, June 23, 2008

Sad Rainy Weekend

It was a rainy weekend. Together with the rain, my tears were also pouring. Yesterday was the saddest day of our lives. Mom talked to me last Saturday saying that me and my youngest brother should be sharing in paying our house rent so that it will not be hard for me. With the lessen expenses on the rent, however, she also suggested that we (Rodel and I) will not be included in the food she will prepare; that they will not share their food to us. She explained that it’s now hard for her to prepare meals in the morning. She explained that Reggie is seldom to eat at home so she is not be required to cook food. She will just eat at Kuya’s house.

Aside from the food preparation issue, she also asked me when Rodel plans to look for a job. I told her that we are just waiting for the money we will borrow from a friend so that we could look and move to a better house with space for the tricycle. I told her not to worry because we will be out of the house and start the business as soon as we have the money.

I was assigned to pay the house rent; Reggie’s share is for our food while Ramil is responsible for our utility bills. After talking to Rodel of what my mom said, lots of questions came to our minds… why she wanted us or Rodel to be out of the house. Why she’s doing this to me, to us? Did she forget that ever since I got a job, I was always the one taking cared of everything especially when Papa died. That I treated my sisters-in law and girlfriends well.

She said that she asked the comments of my brothers regarding her suggestions. They said that it was not a good idea. With her suggestions, we felt strangers in our own house. We ate our breakfast and lunch inside our room. When we ate dinner, we can’t hardly taste the food and it was hard to swallow (of course, it was their food!). I told Rodel that he could stay in his Kuya’s house for a while if he wanted to. But there were some reasons why he doesn’t want to go there. Aside from being far to me, he doesn’t want his family could think or say something negative to me and to my family.
Before I left Rodel this morning, I made it sure that he has food for lunch. I know he will not attempt to go out of our room. I know how much the ideas hurt him. And I am still thankful that no matter how hard we are going through these days, he’s still there to love me.

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