Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mira the Miraculous Child

It was last week of May 2007. Ate May went to the hospital for her monthly check-up. She’s pregnant for 8 months. But the doctor said, the baby will be coming out soon so Ate May was advised not to go home anymore. She was caesarean.

The baby was smaller than the bottle of Coke and she weighed only 1.6 lbs. Nobody was hoping that she could make it. Developed within 8 months in the womb, no one we knew survived it. But the baby was strong. After a long one month at the hospital, you can hear Baby Armie’s voice. Instead of calling her Armie, everyone calls her Mira. Mira for miraculous baby.

Mira is now one-year old. She could walk straight without falling and assistance from anybody. When you ask her say “nanay, tita, lolo, tito and tita”, she could say it very clear. She could count 1 to 5 and can remember every word you will say. Every time we play “saw saw suka mahuli taya”, she will give me a broad sweet smile. She never cries when she bumped her head on the wall. Whatever her mood is, Mira will stop when you ask her of her “wow”, she will show you her little bangles. She is, indeed, a miraculous child.

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