Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Celebration of Hard Work

It was announced last Monday afternoon that Urban Planning Division will have a meeting by 4:30 pm. It was past seven in the evening but Sir Xenon was still out of sight. Everybody was hungry already. When we planned to leave ‘coz we can’t wait for him, he suddenly appear. He asked where the others are. She and Juliard were absent. June and Mami went home early.

When he walked inside the office, all staff went to conference room since we thought that the meeting will start soon. But he asked us to get our things and go downstairs and wait for Ed for the vehicle. Everybody was confused what is going on. We really have no idea what’s the meeting will all about and where is the venue. Inside the car, he asked us if we have any idea. We said no. We tried to remember if there is any occasion. We even guessed that we will celebrate because Chase came to the office.

The car stopped in Macapagal Seaside. Sir Xen chose Master Cook of Hong Kong Restaurant where there were lots of Chinese dining in. Sir Xen bought the seafoods personally. We’ve waited for an hour for the food to be served. While waiting, Joyce, Che and Daiz decided to buy DVDs at the nearby stores. The table was occupied by Halayan soup, grilled tuna belly, prawn, tofu, squid, tahong and crabs. The boys ordered beer and the girls ordered fruit shakes. While eating, Sir Xen said that it is a celebration for all the hard work of UPD staff.

Ed tried to clean the table. But since there were lots of foods, we just asked the waiter to pack the food and take it home. It was already 10pm when we decided to leave. Daisy asked Ed to drop her off in Taft Ave. while me and Che dropped off in Guadalupe.

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