Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Secret Love

The most painful love there is
Is a love that is left unknown
A love that cannot be expressed
Affection left unknown
It's a love that hides beyond
The mask of happiness and glee
Yet all that's felt deep inside
is pain and misery.

It's a love
That tries to hide
How much it really cares
It keeps locked within your heart
The feeling glowing there
Afraid of letting it know
That the most painful thing
About this love is that
It never fades away...

About the poem.....
I wrote this poem when I was in 4th year college. I submitted this poem to as an entry to their contest. After a month, I received a mail from saying that my poem was included in their semi-final contest. This poem was also published in Philippines Star in 2001. Inspired by a friend who feel in love with someone she knew she could never be with, this poem was written for Jonalie Lorenzo, my bestfriend and classmate in college.

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