Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Celebration of the Three Francisco

Last July 24, I left the office early. Rodel picked me up and we went to the cemetery. It was my father’s 62nd birthday. Mom and my siblings went to the cemetery late afternoon. With some friends, we celebrated his birthday even he is gone for almost five years now.

In my father’s family side, there are three (3) Francisco Ricamara. All of them were born on the 24th of June. My father’s cousin, Uncle Boy, was the youngest and the first one who past away among the three. The other is my grand father who celebrated his 82nd birthday and, of course, my father.

Grandpa celebrated his birthday last Sunday to ensure that our relatives will be present. It was also my chance to introduced Rodel to my family. It was almost 3 years ago the last time I saw my grandmother. And good that she’s still healthy. Lola Doring will be in Manila until October. Uncle Ramon promised that he bring Lola Doring to spend a week in our house. It was really nice to know that some of my cousins were already married.

Aside from funeral, birthday is another venue for us to meet our relatives on my father’s side. Although New Year is set as family reunion, we cannot afford to go in Marinduque every year. I wish there is always a birthday celebration so we could always see our relatives.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Am I Jealous?

The other day, Yana called to her dad asking him to come back to Guam and be with her. Yana is now vacationing with Ate Naty in Saipan because her mom is in Hawaii with her new boyfriend. I know Rodel miss Yana so much. I understand and I know how much he loves his daughter. With his stories about Yana, it seemed as if I already knew and already met the kid. What I do not want to Rodel is he is always comparing Red to Yana. How smart and behave Yana compared to Red. It hurt me maybe because Red is my nephew and I love Red so much. Rodel explained that the stubbornness of Red made him miss Yana. Sometimes I want to meet Yana. As Rodel said Yana is his replica – from habit, attitude to face.

Yana and Rodel

I told Rodel that I fear having a child. What if Rodel will compare my child to Yana? What if my child is not as bright or as beautiful and behaves like Yana? I have nothing against Yana. Maybe I’m jealous. No, I’m not! Rodel promised that he will not compare our child to Yana. And I hope he will keep his promise.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Child Jealousy

It broke my heart when Red said “hindi na ba ako mahal ni tita? Mas mahal na ba nya ang boyfriend nya?”. At young age, he already knew how to be jealous. I know he was just “naglalambing” coz he is sick.

Before when Rodel was not yet here, all my attention was with Red. I always dropped to their house to check him, his studies, and his day. I always have “pasalubong” for him.

I’ve been busy these past few days. During weekend, I made it sure that I could have quality time with Rodel. Sometimes we visit Red if he can’t go to our house.

Last night he asked me again same question. He even offered a dinner for us in their house. I explained that my love for him is different from the love I have for his Tito Rodel. However, Rodel didn’t agree to Red’s idea. Rodel wanted to discipline the child. He told me that Red should earn anything he wanted because sometimes Red is abusive. He cries when he can’t get what he wants.

I just hope Red will understand why I need not to give him anything he wanted. He is just jealous to the attention I give to Rodel which is supposed to be for him. But I love him much.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Chairmen of the Board

My brother was elected president of Parent-Teacher Association at West Rembo Elementary School where Red is in Grade 1. As president, his first proposal is to provide blackboard for the students since Red’s class is using the school museum and there is no blackboard available for them to use. It was agreed that all 39 students will contribute P100 for the blackboard.

With only P1,400 at hand, my brother decided to start making blackboard. Rodel helped him in the planning how to make blackboard. He also accompanied Kuya in buying all the materials needed. For three days, Rodel and Kuya had been carpenters. I also helped them in small ways like holding woods or bringing them something to drink.
The board makers
Rhedred and me
Today Rodel and Kuya brought the board in school. I am sure their effort will benefit the 39 pupils of WRES.

Funday Sunday

For UDD staff, July 6, 2008 is marked in the calendar as special day. It is the 7th birthday of Keena Marie, the daughter of our department head. With a theme of Welcome to My Fantasy World, the party was held at Grand Carousel Area, Star City.

Everybody was invited. Some of the staff brought their their family especially their children. I took Rodel with me. It was already 2pm when we left home. Before going to Star City, we dropped by at Guadalupe Mall to buy gift.

We reached Star City around 3pm. The party offered lots of fun games for parents and kids. There was also fabfoto section where participants can have free 4 shots of pictures which will be put inside a tumbler and serve as souvenir. Participants also mobbed the tattoo section. The special guests of the party were Barny and Sponge Bob. The kids were so happy to see the two giant mascots. After the party, Engr. Panganiban distributed free ride-all-you-can tickets.

Tattoo on my arm

Arms that are ready to ride
Excited to have lots of picture, our first stop was the Pirates of Caribbean. Together with my officemates, our first ride was the Snow White Antique which depicts the first model of cars ever made. Rodel and I also tried the roller coaster Wacky Dragon. The Zyklon Loop, which can cause headache and stiff neck, is a 360 loop coaster. Though afraid, I still tried the trill of riding Zyklon Loop. I just closed my eyes, hold Rodel’s hand so tight and when I opened my eyes, the ride was over. The Balloon Wheel offered a panoramic view of Manila. Even if tired from previous rides, we tried the Surf Dance. I almost vomit because of the giddy ride. Our last stop was Bumper Car. Rodel did not join me. Together with Tin, Rain, Karen, we endured the long line just to ride to my all time favorite.

My heart was captured by a pirate

Snow White Antique

Riding in the antique model car of Snow White

Inside the Balloon Wheel
The long line at Bumper Car
It was 8pm when we decided to go home. With Zagu on hand, we walked up to Roxas Boulevard to get a bus and to enjoy the moment together.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Shoes for New Sport

After the UDD monthly meeting last Friday, hurriedly I went to Guadalupe Mall where Rodel was waiting for me. The shoes we bought last Thursday was bigger by an inch. So he asked me to accompany him to exchange the shoes. It was good that the salesman who assisted us last Thursday was there. After telling him the size of Rodel’s feet, he immediately gave an 8 ½ size shoes.

Excited with his new shoes, our previous plan of playing badminton was finally happened. It was just 5 o’clock in the morning of Saturday, Rodel asked me to get up and prepare for our badminton challenge. Both of us have no knowledge in playing the said sports. At 6am, we were already at Makati Park and Garden. The park was full of joggers, people playing badminton and those who are waiting for the start of aerobic dance.

We played for 2 hours. Rodel murmured that he was tired not because of playing badminton but because of picking the shuttle cock. I always miss hitting the shuttle cock. When I am the server, the shuttle cock went to different direction instead of going to Rodel’s area. Another thing that Rodel’s complaining about was that I am easy to get tired. I asked him twice for a break because I felt really tired. He explained to me that the reason why he wanted us to play badminton is to make me strong especially my bones. Bonding moments was another reason. Though really tired from playing, I don’t want to disappoint him. I understood that playing badminton is for my own good.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Remember the Boy

Today I saw somebody close to my heart. It has been months since the last time I saw and talked to B. I was nice to remember that special feeling I had for him when we were still together at the Center. In 2006, I was assigned in Center for almost 4 months. I knew him before and we got to know more when we were in Center. During that time, I knew that we both feel something special for each other. There were lots of humors coming out about us. In spite of everything that happened in Center, he stood beside me. We never talked about that “special feeling” because I knew it is impossible. He has his own family and I don’t want to be called “other woman”. Maybe I was just attracted to the built of his body and his height and his being a good person. He reminded me of C, my ex-bf, who had the same built and height like B.

Many times he said that he wanted to visit me at home. I honestly told him I have boyfriend already. I noticed the changes in the expression of his face. He wished me good luck and said he hope to meet Rodel someday. Seeing him again today makes my heart ponder. I told him that I thought he left already. He said “no, coz I’m waiting for you”. I just smiled and said goodbye.

True Scary Lucky Signs

It was true. The sign being given by “Grim”, “Black Shadows” and other “visitors” in our house was true. As a mentioned in my previous posts that every time they appear, there will be unexpected money for me. Yes, it happened yesterday. And even though I’m still tired from office work, Rodel and I were able to go out last night. I wanted him to have a new rubber shoes.

I know he is not used of wearing cheap shoes, but he suggested buying shoes in Guadalupe instead in malls where branded shoes can be found. Before going to OTTO Store, we went to Lotto Outlet to bet. Almost everyday, two to three numbers of our numbers come out in the Lotto winning combination. We hope one of these days that all of our six-combination numbers will come out so we will become millionaire hehehhe! Then we went to OTTO, Rodel chose a gray rubber shoes. After buying shoes, we went to Liwanag store hoping we could buy a night light for our room. Rodel has specific night light to buy in his mind, but it was not available. Our third stop was the Barber Shop. It’s been month since Rodel had his mane cut.

We planned to eat in Chowking but we remembered Mom. She was alone in the house. We know for sure that she prepared dinner. So instead of eating, we went to groceries. Even with limited budget, going to groceries is one of the activities we love doing together. It was past 9pm when we arrived home.

We hope that next time our “special friends” appeared again, there will be a bigger amount in my pocket.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Celebration of Hard Work

It was announced last Monday afternoon that Urban Planning Division will have a meeting by 4:30 pm. It was past seven in the evening but Sir Xenon was still out of sight. Everybody was hungry already. When we planned to leave ‘coz we can’t wait for him, he suddenly appear. He asked where the others are. She and Juliard were absent. June and Mami went home early.

When he walked inside the office, all staff went to conference room since we thought that the meeting will start soon. But he asked us to get our things and go downstairs and wait for Ed for the vehicle. Everybody was confused what is going on. We really have no idea what’s the meeting will all about and where is the venue. Inside the car, he asked us if we have any idea. We said no. We tried to remember if there is any occasion. We even guessed that we will celebrate because Chase came to the office.

The car stopped in Macapagal Seaside. Sir Xen chose Master Cook of Hong Kong Restaurant where there were lots of Chinese dining in. Sir Xen bought the seafoods personally. We’ve waited for an hour for the food to be served. While waiting, Joyce, Che and Daiz decided to buy DVDs at the nearby stores. The table was occupied by Halayan soup, grilled tuna belly, prawn, tofu, squid, tahong and crabs. The boys ordered beer and the girls ordered fruit shakes. While eating, Sir Xen said that it is a celebration for all the hard work of UPD staff.

Ed tried to clean the table. But since there were lots of foods, we just asked the waiter to pack the food and take it home. It was already 10pm when we decided to leave. Daisy asked Ed to drop her off in Taft Ave. while me and Che dropped off in Guadalupe.