Monday, June 16, 2008

Remembering Ikang

This morning, Mom heard the church bell. She wondered for whose necrological service it will be. She suddenly remembered what my brother Ramil had told her the other day “nakipaglamay ako kay Ikang”. Ikang, that’s everybody called her. I didn’t bother to ask her real name.

I just knew her through my friend Jen. During our high school years, Jen and I used to spend our afternoon at Aling Cristy’s Store. Ikang was also one of the standbys. She was a newspaper vendor. Actually, she gave me free newspaper everyday since she knew that I took journalism in college. Even with a small earning, she’s very generous to us. Sometimes, she treats us in movies or snacks. She was a friendly person.

When mother said that Ikang was already gone, I feel sad. I was not even able to visit her funeral. Honestly, I was not informed. I just saw her the other week. She fondly called me “Sexy and Cute”. She died with diabetes. Now, no one will call me with that name when I’m on my way home.

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