Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Power of Internet

Internet. This is where we met, where we started and where we decided to be together.

Maybe it was just a coincidence. But wherever I go (may it be yahoo or cupidbay), he was there too. So one time I asked him, "sinusundan mo ba ako?". He just simply said "no". He was snobbish. Always serious.

One night, when I went home late (around 2am) and open my computer, he was still online. I told him, "siguro marami kang k-chat kasi inaabot ka ng ganyang oras na nakaonline". He said "no, wala lang ako magawa." That night, he was so talkative.

Since then, we discovered that we have lots in common. That we love each other. Until he decided to come home, to leave everything just to be with me.

I am happy with him. We have lots of plans. We now plan to settle down. May God bless our love.


Wena said...

My addiction to blogging seems to be contagious, right? hehehe.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

SHEMH said...

Thanks, Se! I've always been pissed off with Friendster coz there's always a problem whenever I try to write blogs. Kaya ayon isa lang ang entry ko sa Friendster. Thanks for this!!!!