Friday, June 13, 2008

Afternoon Hunger Fever

Out of the blue, everybody seems to be hungry. Mami said its time for coffee break. No supervisors around us so everybody was noisy except for Cherie who is busy with the presentation. Pretending to be busy too, I heard Juliard asking everybody if they have coffee. Eddie went back and forth at Juday’s area looking for food. I heard Mami and Mitch talking about oatmeal. Alex went to Joyce’ place for some chicha. I also went to Juday’s corner hoping I could find some biscuits but no luck for me too.

Suddenly, Joyce came with a dozen of instant coffee. Each was given with one sachet of coffee. I followed Joyce when I saw her checking our stocks of food inside the cabinet. I told her to check if there is century tuna. I asked Mami if she have biscuit in her locker. Thank God! She has 2 Rebisco biscuits. Everybody was so happy knowing that there is something that could relief our hunger.

We went to the pantry to microwave the tuna. Eddie and Juliard also microwave the Vienna sausage. There were left over rice at the table. With some exchange of stories, we ate the biscuits, rice, sausage and tuna. We asked Juliard to wash the dishes after.

This afternoon is one of the best days for us. We could be noisy, hungry and work without pressure coming from our boss.

Have a break, have a coffee!

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Wena said...

Ayos! nag-bonding ang Planning Staff!!!