Monday, June 16, 2008

Keeping the Moment for Keepsake

Three things that keep Rodel and me busy are propagating Fortune Plant, Designing our Picture Frame and Scrap Book.

When we went to Mindoro, Aunt Aida gave us Fortune Plant (hoping we could be millionaires someday heheheh!). Using an old candle glass, Rodel put two stalks of the plant with rocks to keep it standing. He even tied it with red ribbon. I suggested the gold ribbon; he jokingly said “baka maging sobrang yaman tayo”.

The Fortune Plant

We have an old picture frame which is not being used for years now. When Rodel saw it on top of our cabinet, he suggested putting our pictures there. Since we have no 8’x11’ picture, we put 9 of our wallet-size pictures on it. He even designed it with gold tie to put some effects. He wrote our name on the lower part of the frame. Hanging on the side of our cabinet, everyone could notice it once they entered our room.

I named it “Sketch of our Life”. I started my scrap book last January. Although it is just new, all of our escapades were there. From Pangasinan to Mindoro. Rodel didn’t know about it until I showed it to him last weekend. I usually do it while waiting for Rodel to come home. He suggested including some of our usual activities of doing the laundry and cooking.

I am glad that Rodel and I could share some moments of designing simple things for keepsake.

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