Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guarding the Pest

Rodel woke me up early. It was just 5:30 in the morning. We suppose to wash our clothes last night but we fell asleep so it was not push through. It was also because I’m too tired from work and Rodel was complaining his aching feet. He asked me to prepare our dirty clothes. After giving him his coffee, I asked if we could finish the laundry within 3 hours. I was tasked to look over our office for its scheduled pest control service so I need to be at the office before 9 o’clock. So instead of doing our laundry, we decided to go back to sleep.

We were in the office at 9:30a.m. We waited for one hour before the pest control personnel came. They started their service at the ground floor. Since our office is in the 5th floor, it was their last destination. Accompanied by Rodel, we kept ourselves busy checking our mails and updating our friendster. I also asked Marifi if she could print our picture in their printer. The pest control personnel took only 15 minutes to spray. They advised us to close the office and be back after 30 minutes for the general cleaning.

Since we have nowhere to go and tomorrow is Fathers’ Day Celebration, we decided to visit Papa’s tomb. The cemetery is near the office. We also went to St. Andrew’s Parish to pray. We always dropped in at St. Andrew’s Parish whenever Rodel fetch me up. Instead of eating in McDo or Jollibee, Rodel suggested to buy noodles and coke for our lunch.

It was already 12nn when we went back in the office. I asked the janitress to eat her lunch before cleaning our office. It was already 1:30pm but the janitress was still out of sight. Rodel started to get bored. When I checked the janitress, she was just eating her lunch. She came back around 1:45p.m. She said she will not be long in cleaning our office. The pictures Marifi printed were already done. We plan to go home early so we could still sleep and later on, do our laundry.

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