Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Celebration of the Three Francisco

Last July 24, I left the office early. Rodel picked me up and we went to the cemetery. It was my father’s 62nd birthday. Mom and my siblings went to the cemetery late afternoon. With some friends, we celebrated his birthday even he is gone for almost five years now.

In my father’s family side, there are three (3) Francisco Ricamara. All of them were born on the 24th of June. My father’s cousin, Uncle Boy, was the youngest and the first one who past away among the three. The other is my grand father who celebrated his 82nd birthday and, of course, my father.

Grandpa celebrated his birthday last Sunday to ensure that our relatives will be present. It was also my chance to introduced Rodel to my family. It was almost 3 years ago the last time I saw my grandmother. And good that she’s still healthy. Lola Doring will be in Manila until October. Uncle Ramon promised that he bring Lola Doring to spend a week in our house. It was really nice to know that some of my cousins were already married.

Aside from funeral, birthday is another venue for us to meet our relatives on my father’s side. Although New Year is set as family reunion, we cannot afford to go in Marinduque every year. I wish there is always a birthday celebration so we could always see our relatives.

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