Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Am I Jealous?

The other day, Yana called to her dad asking him to come back to Guam and be with her. Yana is now vacationing with Ate Naty in Saipan because her mom is in Hawaii with her new boyfriend. I know Rodel miss Yana so much. I understand and I know how much he loves his daughter. With his stories about Yana, it seemed as if I already knew and already met the kid. What I do not want to Rodel is he is always comparing Red to Yana. How smart and behave Yana compared to Red. It hurt me maybe because Red is my nephew and I love Red so much. Rodel explained that the stubbornness of Red made him miss Yana. Sometimes I want to meet Yana. As Rodel said Yana is his replica – from habit, attitude to face.

Yana and Rodel

I told Rodel that I fear having a child. What if Rodel will compare my child to Yana? What if my child is not as bright or as beautiful and behaves like Yana? I have nothing against Yana. Maybe I’m jealous. No, I’m not! Rodel promised that he will not compare our child to Yana. And I hope he will keep his promise.

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