Monday, July 14, 2008

Child Jealousy

It broke my heart when Red said “hindi na ba ako mahal ni tita? Mas mahal na ba nya ang boyfriend nya?”. At young age, he already knew how to be jealous. I know he was just “naglalambing” coz he is sick.

Before when Rodel was not yet here, all my attention was with Red. I always dropped to their house to check him, his studies, and his day. I always have “pasalubong” for him.

I’ve been busy these past few days. During weekend, I made it sure that I could have quality time with Rodel. Sometimes we visit Red if he can’t go to our house.

Last night he asked me again same question. He even offered a dinner for us in their house. I explained that my love for him is different from the love I have for his Tito Rodel. However, Rodel didn’t agree to Red’s idea. Rodel wanted to discipline the child. He told me that Red should earn anything he wanted because sometimes Red is abusive. He cries when he can’t get what he wants.

I just hope Red will understand why I need not to give him anything he wanted. He is just jealous to the attention I give to Rodel which is supposed to be for him. But I love him much.

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