Friday, July 11, 2008

Funday Sunday

For UDD staff, July 6, 2008 is marked in the calendar as special day. It is the 7th birthday of Keena Marie, the daughter of our department head. With a theme of Welcome to My Fantasy World, the party was held at Grand Carousel Area, Star City.

Everybody was invited. Some of the staff brought their their family especially their children. I took Rodel with me. It was already 2pm when we left home. Before going to Star City, we dropped by at Guadalupe Mall to buy gift.

We reached Star City around 3pm. The party offered lots of fun games for parents and kids. There was also fabfoto section where participants can have free 4 shots of pictures which will be put inside a tumbler and serve as souvenir. Participants also mobbed the tattoo section. The special guests of the party were Barny and Sponge Bob. The kids were so happy to see the two giant mascots. After the party, Engr. Panganiban distributed free ride-all-you-can tickets.

Tattoo on my arm

Arms that are ready to ride
Excited to have lots of picture, our first stop was the Pirates of Caribbean. Together with my officemates, our first ride was the Snow White Antique which depicts the first model of cars ever made. Rodel and I also tried the roller coaster Wacky Dragon. The Zyklon Loop, which can cause headache and stiff neck, is a 360 loop coaster. Though afraid, I still tried the trill of riding Zyklon Loop. I just closed my eyes, hold Rodel’s hand so tight and when I opened my eyes, the ride was over. The Balloon Wheel offered a panoramic view of Manila. Even if tired from previous rides, we tried the Surf Dance. I almost vomit because of the giddy ride. Our last stop was Bumper Car. Rodel did not join me. Together with Tin, Rain, Karen, we endured the long line just to ride to my all time favorite.

My heart was captured by a pirate

Snow White Antique

Riding in the antique model car of Snow White

Inside the Balloon Wheel
The long line at Bumper Car
It was 8pm when we decided to go home. With Zagu on hand, we walked up to Roxas Boulevard to get a bus and to enjoy the moment together.

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