Friday, July 11, 2008

The Chairmen of the Board

My brother was elected president of Parent-Teacher Association at West Rembo Elementary School where Red is in Grade 1. As president, his first proposal is to provide blackboard for the students since Red’s class is using the school museum and there is no blackboard available for them to use. It was agreed that all 39 students will contribute P100 for the blackboard.

With only P1,400 at hand, my brother decided to start making blackboard. Rodel helped him in the planning how to make blackboard. He also accompanied Kuya in buying all the materials needed. For three days, Rodel and Kuya had been carpenters. I also helped them in small ways like holding woods or bringing them something to drink.
The board makers
Rhedred and me
Today Rodel and Kuya brought the board in school. I am sure their effort will benefit the 39 pupils of WRES.

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