Friday, July 4, 2008

I Remember the Boy

Today I saw somebody close to my heart. It has been months since the last time I saw and talked to B. I was nice to remember that special feeling I had for him when we were still together at the Center. In 2006, I was assigned in Center for almost 4 months. I knew him before and we got to know more when we were in Center. During that time, I knew that we both feel something special for each other. There were lots of humors coming out about us. In spite of everything that happened in Center, he stood beside me. We never talked about that “special feeling” because I knew it is impossible. He has his own family and I don’t want to be called “other woman”. Maybe I was just attracted to the built of his body and his height and his being a good person. He reminded me of C, my ex-bf, who had the same built and height like B.

Many times he said that he wanted to visit me at home. I honestly told him I have boyfriend already. I noticed the changes in the expression of his face. He wished me good luck and said he hope to meet Rodel someday. Seeing him again today makes my heart ponder. I told him that I thought he left already. He said “no, coz I’m waiting for you”. I just smiled and said goodbye.

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