Friday, July 4, 2008

True Scary Lucky Signs

It was true. The sign being given by “Grim”, “Black Shadows” and other “visitors” in our house was true. As a mentioned in my previous posts that every time they appear, there will be unexpected money for me. Yes, it happened yesterday. And even though I’m still tired from office work, Rodel and I were able to go out last night. I wanted him to have a new rubber shoes.

I know he is not used of wearing cheap shoes, but he suggested buying shoes in Guadalupe instead in malls where branded shoes can be found. Before going to OTTO Store, we went to Lotto Outlet to bet. Almost everyday, two to three numbers of our numbers come out in the Lotto winning combination. We hope one of these days that all of our six-combination numbers will come out so we will become millionaire hehehhe! Then we went to OTTO, Rodel chose a gray rubber shoes. After buying shoes, we went to Liwanag store hoping we could buy a night light for our room. Rodel has specific night light to buy in his mind, but it was not available. Our third stop was the Barber Shop. It’s been month since Rodel had his mane cut.

We planned to eat in Chowking but we remembered Mom. She was alone in the house. We know for sure that she prepared dinner. So instead of eating, we went to groceries. Even with limited budget, going to groceries is one of the activities we love doing together. It was past 9pm when we arrived home.

We hope that next time our “special friends” appeared again, there will be a bigger amount in my pocket.

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