Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lasema Spa.. A Different Way of Relaxation

In the past few days, UDD staffs were so busy preparing for the report of Makati BEST component which will be presented to the Mayor, Vice-Mayor and consultants. Last Monday night, the verdict on our works was given. All presentations didn’t pass the expectations of our higher officials. Maybe due to nervous or lack of thorough study on the proposed programs/projects, the presentation was cut and decided to revise or improve the work. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 o’clock in the evening and we are so tired. Though dismayed on the output of the presentation, Ma’am Merl said that we should let ourselves be stressed on what had happened. So without any plan, she invited us to join her in Lasema Plaza for a spa. Together with Sir Xen, Ms. Lisa and Che, we were pampered with different experience of relaxation. We availed their Swiss Massage and famous Jjim Jil Bang with dry saunas of Oak and Clay, Dome Clay Salt and Charcoal.
The Oak & Clay Sauna has loess or “yellow earth from pure natural sedimentary stone” that has been proven to intensify the body’s natural curing process.
The salt & charcoal sauna contains carbon and minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. It induces relaxation, assists the body’s detoxification process, and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

The Dome Clay Sauna contains Chungito which is the main material used for the interior. Chungito is a porous mud, which quickly dissipates heat, and its high-alkali content is believed to release energy in the form of negative ions.

Che and I decided to go back on Lasema. We will just wait for Jo so our whole barkada could experience it also.

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