Monday, September 22, 2008

Mourning for an Angel

Time is so fast. Anything happened without warning. For the past 4 days from September 4 – 7, 2008, our family was in trial… trial on our faith to God and trial how we love each other. Once again, we have proved that our family is always there for each other, that we love each other inspite of the fact that sometimes we have problem in our family especially when we started our business.

It was Thursday morning when Rodel called up informing me that Ate Weng was in the hospital and delivered a baby boy. At first I was excited to hear that but I paused realizing that it is not yet her due date. Rodel changed his voice saying that Blue, the supposed to be nickname of the baby, was already dead in Ate’s womb for almost 2 days.

I decided to go home quickly after asking some advised from Civil Registry Office. Ramil was in the house already. He decided to go home too while Reggie went straight to the hospital. Rhed had no idea what is happening, why everybody went home early. I explained to him that his mom is in the hospital and Papa Jesus took his baby brother. He cried a lot. He wanted to go to his mom and dad to the hospital. I console him by giving him chocolate. At around 4pm, I went to the hospital to visit my sister-in-law. She was sleeping. I felt sorry for the loss of her child.

Friday – September 5. Everybody has his/her own job to do. Kuya Boy was in hospital to take care of Ate Weng. Gie was his alternative. Mommy went to the church to arrange the funeral mass of Blue – the child’s nickname. She was also assigned to arrange Ate Weng’s SSS. Ramil went to the Areflor to arrange Blue’s funeral. Me and Rodel went to Cityhall, St. Peter Parish and to the Cemetery. Mylene and I were also assigned to buy foods for the Blue’s wake. It was already 5pm when Areflor took Blue out of the hospital. Mom and I took clothes for Blue. Ate Weng were able to go out of the hospital later that night.

Saturday morning, I felt so sick. I was not able to go the Areflor. Ramil and Rodel went back to the cemetery to check the grave of Blue. It was 5pm when Kuya Boy informed me that Che, Tintin and Nona were in the Areflor. Though I still feel dizzy and weak, I tried to see them. The priest and some church people went to Blue’s wake to bless and pray for him.

Sunday – September 6. My dad’s family – my grandmother and uncles – were in the house at around 6am. They will attend the funeral of Blue. At 8am, we were all in the Areflor. We took Blue to St. Nicola’s Church which is a walking distance to the funeral parlor. I thought of not going to the cemetery because I am not feeling well but decided to go since some of my friends were there to attend the funeral.

Blue was placed inside the niche of my dad. Red placed some toys inside Blue’s coffin. He said it’s the only gift he can give to Blue since he cannot play with him anymore. Some of those who seen my dad’s body said his body is still whole. His body just dried up and has not decomposed yet.

We prepared some foods for those who attended the funeral. Everybody felt so tired after the sad 3 days. Kuya Boy and his family decided to stay in our house to ensure that Ate’s health will be monitored well.

Last Sunday, September 14, was Blue’s ninth day after his birth and death. We offer some prayers for him and for my dad. We also asked the priest to bless our house since we seen some “good friends” again inside the house.

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