Monday, September 22, 2008

Sickly Se

After Blue’s funeral, most of the people in our house were sick. Since September 6, I was already sick. I thought I’m already okey so I decided to go to work the following Monday. But because of the heavy rain last Monday night– September 8, I got fever the following day. I asked Ms. Lisa to allow me to go home by afternoon because I feel so cold and I had a terrible headache. I was not able to come to the office for the next 3 days. I felt so dizzy and always wanted to vomit any food I take. The following week, feeling okey and alive again, I decided to go work. But when I was in the meeting, I felt so dizzy and cold again. DES staff said that I should go home since I looked so pale. Sir Xenon even asked me not to come to office the following day and let myself have a good rest. Rodel took me to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor said I have low blood pressure which is the cause of my dizziness and vomiting. Since I am also complaining for my aching hip, I was test for UTI but found negative on it. I was given anti-vertigo capsules and multi-vitamins with iron. Dr. Borja also advised me have lots of sleep and eat well. When I came to the office the following day, they said maybe I am pregnant because I always feel so dizzy. I told them I wish I am pregnant but sad to say I just had my period last week.

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