Friday, August 15, 2008

Pros and Cons of a Business

Last Tuesday, August 5, we opened our new Sari-sari Store/Carenderia. It will be managed by Kuya Boy who sells dishes aside from basic goods. Mom also sells street foods such as cheese sticks, kikiam, fishball, etc. Among the three of us, Mom has the biggest income. Me and Rodel on the other hand, we earn by selling sago’t gulaman and by delivering breakfast in the office. With this little business, we are able to have at least a small income to support our daily needs. Actually, we really wanted to have this kind of business to keep Rodel and Kuya busy aside from the income we could generate from it.

Since the opening of the store, we forgot to take care of the things we usually do like house chores. Our house is now always messy. Mom forgot to do the laundry last week. She even asked Mylene to do it for her. She never prepares breakfast, lunch or dinner anymore. We, Rodel and me, now seldom to go to church nor prays our novena together. The usual exchange story before bed is now gone. Today, before we go to bed, we prepare the ingredients of the dish to be cooked for tomorrow morning. No matter how long or short our sleep is, we need to be up at 4am to prepare all the orders. Sometimes I felt so tired. When calculating our income from this business and thinking that we are tired every waking day, we wanted to stop it. But hey! What the heck of being tired… we are just starting, right?

Maybe these are things that we can’t do or things we sometimes ignored because of our business. I hope that we could learn to work it out before it’s too late.

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